The Diamond Scam And Why Christians Should Never Buy A Diamond Ring For Marriage | 7 Myths About Diamonds

A foolish man spends his money on an expensive yet worthless glittering rock to offer a proposal. Traditionally, the family of the bride paid the man a dowry. It was only a recent twisted feminist ideal for the man to pay the woman for marriage. First of all, according to the Bible, Christian women should not be wearing fancy jewelry or costly apparel (1 Timothy 2:9). And … read more

A Man Stranded In The Ocean Is Offered Salvation From Three Different Ships

Finding salvation is like a man drowning in the ocean, who is approached by three different ships who offer to rescue him. The first ship is a large and beautiful pirate ship decorated at the helm with a stunning mermaid statue made of bronze, with rubies for its eyes and studded with diamonds. The ship is coated in gold and silver and glows in the sunlight. It … read more

“Mental Illness” – A Myth. The True Causes Of Behavioral Disorders Are Not “Mental”

Gender dysphoria, depression, schizophrenia, and other voluntary and involuntary behavioral problems are not “mental illnesses”. And the majority of “mental illnesses”, that is, behavioral problems, are caused by personal choices leading to poor behavior, or occult influence, or by natural causes such as poor nutrition. No Scientific or Medical Test Exists. “Mental disorder” indicates victimhood and denies responsibility of the individual. Yet in 200 years of psychology … read more

Paul’s Tragedy: How Trusting In Roman Citizenship Instead Of God Almost Cost Paul His Life

Paul, also known as Saul of Tarsus, was a Pharisee and a ruling elite of Israel before his radical conversion. He was a zealous murderer of Christians, and even was recorded making the first martyr, Stephen. Saul believed he was doing the right thing, but obviously he was persecuting the church of God. One day on the road to Damascus, possibly to kill more Christians, Christ Jesus … read more

Faith or Works? There Is No Faith Without Works

Works are not just the result of faith. Works ARE faith. By faith, Noah built the ark (Hebrews 11:7). By faith, Abraham obeyed God and went (Hebrews 11:8). Both did works, because that was their faith. Could you say that Noah had faith, if he did not build the ark? No. “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). “I will shew thee my faith by my works” … read more

Why Religious Views Physically Affect Health & Fitness Goals & Results

Many people might believe that religious views are just purely beliefs about the world and have no effect on our world or our daily lives. However, I will demonstrate why this is untrue. In fact, our religious views have a direct impact on our lives, even physically, to the degree that fitness results are dependent on whether or not we have the correct religious views. I have … read more

The Mark of the Beast, The Name of the Beast, Globalism, & The End Times Prophesies of Revelation

Who are the beasts of Revelation? How does globalism come into play? What is the mark of the beast exactly, and when will the end times tribulation period begin? These are questions that by this stage in history we do have a good idea of what was prophesied. And in knowing, you will be able to avoid the condemnation that follows all those who receive the mark. … read more

How God Can Shape Your Life And Help You Through Intense Daily Prayer | How To Pray To God: Part 2

In a previous article, “7 Steps To Pray“, we discussed the Lord’s Prayer where Jesus told us how to pray. That was somewhat of a scientific approach for how to structure a prayer. However, the structure doesn’t matter as much as the act of praying and the heart. The greater concern than what to pray is when to pray, where to pray, how long to pray, and … read more

It Is Absolutely, Undeniably, Impossible To Change Your Gender, And Here’s Why

Jordan Peterson recently was soft-banned from Twitter after he posted a tweet about Ellen Page having been brainwashed by the evil Hollywood groomers to get the horrific genital mutililation known as a “double-mastectomy”, which means getting her breasts removed, which was a terrible tragedy. Males who want to “transition” can get physically castrated, and we know of these creatures as “eunuchs”, not girls. They are still a … read more