The Miracle Of Healing Is In Your Belief, Not Pills Or Medicine

The modern medical industry today tries to teach us that we have to rely on pills and modern medicine in order to be healthy and to cure disease. This is utterly false, as recent studies have proven that modern medicine is actually now the number one cause of death. The medicine they are pushing to cure you, is killing millions.

Hundreds of thousands of people are killed every year in America by pharmaceutical drugs. Meanwhile, “illegal” drugs kill only thousands per year (I am not advocating illegal drugs as those should also be avoided, for many reasons). When asked, they say that “this is the expense of modern medicine”. If the expense of having modern medicine is death, then I opt out. However, many states now require forced compulsory vaccinations, so now you and your children can be forcefully drugged even without your consent.

The truth as is proven by the overwhelming evidence is that modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs do not cure disease – they cause disease and death. There are a few benefits to modern medicine – mainly, emergency care, CPR, and some sparingly used drugs such as antibiotics. However, only in extremely rare cases are these drugs ever needed, and only in extreme situations like a major car accident is emergency care ever needed.


People are told to be worried about cancer, but now science has proven that most “cancer” actually has no impact on the life span when left untreated. Additionally, most cancer diagnosis are either wrong or dramatically overexaggerrated. After all, chemotheraphy drugs are a billion dollar business. But chemotherapy drugs have a 99% mortality rate and nearly a 0% “cure” rate over no treatment at all.

Taking cancer drugs will kill you, even if the cancer doesn’t. Steve Jobs was actually killed by cancer treatments, not by cancer – he lived over 30 years and changed the world all while taking “non-conventional” alternative medicine (like a natural lifestyle, etc). Modern medicine told Steve Jobs he was “terminal” and that he wouldn’t live another year without treatment, but when he ignored them, he lived 30 more years and only died after caving in and accepting “treatment”.

As soon as he caved and took a “conventional” cancer treatment, he died on the operating table. Cancer did not kill Steve Jobs. Modern medicine did. Steve Jobs lived a full and healthy life with so-called “cancer” and no “treatment”, until the moment he made the mistake of accepting modern medical treatments. If he would have accepted modern medical treatments at the beginning, he would have died 30 years ago and today we would not have ipods or iphones.

Moreover, studies have proven that just believing you have terminal cancer is enough to cause you to die, and actually develop cancer, even if the diagnosis is wrong. People have been shown to die from so-called “cancer” when given a terminal illness diagnosis, even when later the diagnosis is looked at again and it is discovered a mistake was made – the patient was perfectly healthy. Belief killed them, not disease. This is the power of belief.

The power of belief has the power to heal, or the power to kill. Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his book “Psycho-Cybernetics” discussed how one time as a cosmetic surgeon, he saw a patient who, in his belief he was cursed by a voodoo curse, aged 10 years in a few weeks by the power of his negative beliefs. The patient had a lump on his lip that caused him to believe in this voodoo curse. Turns out it was just a scar from his former lip surgery. Immediately after Doctor Maltz removed this tiny lip lump, the patient got better, and within a few more weeks, he got 10 years younger again.

Dr. Maltz saw with his own eyes the physical transformation over the manner of a couple months from health to sickness and back to health – all with the power of belief. The man was not cursed, but his own belief he was cursed actually made his spirit tell his cells in his body to die and stop repairing. His own negative belief about his life nearly killed him. Then, his positive belief that he was better, instructed his body to repair itself and to be healthy again. His own belief physically altered his physical health, for better or for worse.

By your faith you are healed, not by miracles or pills

By your faith you are healed! Jesus who had the wisdom of God our creator, told all those He healed that it was by their faith. Jesus did not claim that he used magic or some supreme power. Jesus explicitly told them by their own faith, they were healed. The power of healing was not the power that Jesus displayed; the power Jesus displayed was the power to forgive sins. Jesus took no credit for healing, but told the people He healed that they had healed themselves by their own faith.

jesus heals lame man and forgives sins

Now, science has proven Jesus correct. This is astounding and revolutionary. It can alter your entire perception of life, and as a result, change your life, because the truth is that your life is not controlled by your own body but you are controlled by your own beliefs. Your beliefs about the world, your beliefs about reality, your beliefs about yourselves and your own body determine your health, life, happiness, success, and wellbeing.

Jesus knew that the power of the body was not dependent on human biology. Jesus’ healing miracles were not actually supernatural at all. In fact, Jesus simply leveraged the science of humanity and who we are to influence great healing, which people attributed to miracles because of their lack of faith. It is for this reason that many others also could heal, from the apostles to mere disciples. This is because humans do not heal other humans – except by influencing them to heal themselves. We heal ourselves.

We have power over our bodies and our world

Jesus even said we can alter our physical environment. Did Jesus heal because of some magical power of God? No, and we know that because many others, even today, have healed people. Moreover, Jesus exerted physical power over the world. Jesus once got angry at a fig tree because there was no fruit and He was hungry. So he simply told the tree to die – and instantly the tree withered and died. Can you imagine someone seeing someone do this? Well some of his disciples saw him do it, and they must have thought he was a god or magical person.

Jesus did not use magic or some supreme power that only he could access in order to control the fig tree and demand it to die. Neither did he use some supernatural power when he walked on water. How do we know? Peter did it too! When Peter walked on the water and then became afraid and doubted, he began to sink. Did Jesus say, “sorry about that Peter, I got distracted and stopped letting you walk on the water”? No! Jesus said that Peter walked on the water because of his faith, and only sank because he doubted.

29 “Come”, said Jesus. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus. 30 But when he saw the strength of the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” 31 Immediately Jesus reached out His hand and took hold of Peter. “‘You of little faith,’ He said, ‘why did you doubt?'”
(Matthew 14:29-31)


Therefore we know that Jesus did not walk on water because He had some supernatural power. In fact, Peter could do it too, and did, and Peter was not supernatural but a mere fisherman. The other disciples could do it too if they were so bold.

In fact, Jesus told his disciples that all humans have the power; if only we believe we can do so much as cast a mountain into the ocean – with our minds (Matthew 17:20). We do not only because we believe we cannot. But if we believe we can, then we can.

The pharmaceutical deception

It almost sounds like I am getting into some metaphysical, mystical, religiousness. Not true. In fact, everything in this article is solidly and absolutely proven by science itself, and supported by the Bible. This is fact, and this is the nature of our reality. For over 30 years of my life I have sought daily to understand the world and the universe. As it turns out, the truths are already known, but hidden by popular “scientific communities”, and, most prominently today, the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry today is the greatest threat to humanity. The pharmaceutical industry and medical drugs are based solely on the ability to patent and sell drugs based on the belief that our bodies are controlled by the physical world. However, they cannot patent belief or put it into a pill.

Pharmaceutical drugs are nothing but poison in a pill. They are poison both because of what they are, and because they stop you from believing that you can heal yourself when you rely on pills instead of yourselves for your own healing, and that is why they do not work.

This is why the modern trillion-dollar medical industry does not sell belief but drugs. If you could put belief into a pill, they would patent it and sell it and be telling everyone this is the cure to all illness. But since they cannot profit from it, then they hide it and bury it so that no one knows. After all, you can sell more drugs to sick people then you can sell to well people, especially if the drugs and the belief in drugs actually makes people sick.

Medical doctors have gotten together to prove that in fact modern medicine is the number one cause of death. Why? Simple. Because modern medicine is all wrong. Everything is a farse, everything is a fraud, everything is a lie. Satan used the scientific community, schools and universities, and today’s medical industry to hide the truth about God, and to hide the truth about who we are and our power over our own bodies, and our world.

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