The True Weight And Gravity Of Sin: Why Can’t I Stop Sinning? Why Is It So Hard?

Imagine there is a person in India, or whatever place is on the farthest part of the globe from where you are, a random person who you do not know. Imagine that every time you eat a hamburger, they get their finger pricked mildly on a briar bush. The first time you go for a hamburger, you might decide not to eat it. Or maybe you just won’t care.

But after awhile, a hamburger craving comes up and you aren’t really thinking about that random person in India getting their finger pricked. You really, really want a hamburger. After all, you missed breakfast. Frankly, it isn’t all that important to you, and after all it’s just a little prick by a briar bush and it probably won’t be that bad. But you really really want that hamburger.

After eating the hamburger once, the next time, you won’t really think that much about that person in India getting their finger pricked every time you eat one. So you eat another hamburger, and after awhile, you forget all about the person in India.


The years go by, and you continue eating hamburgers. One day, eventually, you die of natural causes or old age. You don’t think about all the hamburgers you ate that caused the poor guy in India to get pricked so many times. It just doesn’t matter all that much to you. It doesn’t seem important, and it’s too far away and disconnected to feel significant.

Now, think about the person you love most in the world. It could be your wife or your husband, or your mother or father, or sister or brother. Maybe it is your best friend in the world. Now, imagine that instead of some unknown person on the other side of the world getting their finger pricked, that person whom you love most in the world is sitting in the passenger seat right next to you.

There is a hijacker sitting in the back seat telling you if you eat that hamburger, they are going to cut off one of the fingers of the person you love most in the world. Are you going to eat that hamburger? I think it’s safe to say you definitely will not eat that hamburger, and if presented with the same situation every time, you will never eat a hamburger.


This scenario isn’t about hamburgers, if you haven’t figured out. This scenario is a metaphorical analysis of the weight of the gravity of sin. Most self-proclaimed Christians in the world see Jesus like the unknown person in India. They say they know Jesus but they really don’t. And Jesus lived so long ago and his suffering is so disconnected by both distance and time that the gravity of every sin really doesn’t hold much weight.

When you are thinking about telling that little white lie, or stealing that item, or manipulating someone, or any sin, the last thing in your mind that you are thinking about is how much this will hurt Jesus. It really doesn’t matter to you, because if it really did, then you would not sin.

Now, if Jesus was even more loved by you than the person you love most in the world, and Jesus was sitting in the passenger seat and there was a terrorist behind him saying he would shoot Jesus in the head if you committed that sin, you definitely would not be committing that sin.

However, the truth is that Jesus just doesn’t matter to you. You really do not hold the weight of Jesus’ suffering every time you sin as a valid and important context when weighing whether or not to sin. Why? Because you do not know Jesus, and you do not love Jesus. In fact, you really do not have any faith at all in Jesus unless it is very clearly evident in your life.


How can I say you do not have faith in Jesus because you sin? Aren’t you a victim of your sinful nature? NO! If a terrorist threatened to blow out the brains of your spouse or parent or sibling if you did that sin you do every day one more time, I guarantee you will very quickly see a radical amount of self-control appear out of nowhere and suddenly you will have the strength to never do that sin ever again.

This is the proof that you are absolutely NOT a victim of your biology or a victim of a “totally depraved sinful nature” in which you are unable to stop sinning. You CAN stop sinning and you WILL stop sinning if only provided with the right motivation. Anyone who tells you that you cannot stop sinning is either lying, deceived, or a false teacher.

The truth is that you do not stop sinning because you do not love God. If you truly loved God, you would not continue sinning. Because you do not know God, and because you feel so disconnected from God because you do not see him and cannot hear him or feel him, because you do not know him, then this is the reason why you continue to sin.

But God is invisible, right? Is the wind invisible? You cannot see the wind, but you can see the leaves sway and the birds soar and you can feel the wind on your skin. God is like this. God does not show Himself to us while we live on this Earth, perhaps because He wants us to have faith with our hearts, not with our eyes; but we can see God through the world. We see God through creation, and through God moving in our lives. The closer we grow to God, the more we can see God, and hear God, and feel God. You do not see or hear or feel God because you do not know God.


You sin because you do not have faith in God. You sin because you do not believe God is important enough for you to stop sinning. And last of all, you sin because you don’t believe that there is the consequence of eternal suffering in hell, the most horrific and terrifying place in the universe, because you believe that this magical anti-biblical “unconditional grace” will “cover you with the blood of Jesus”.

If you go on sinning deliberately, then there is no sacrifice for sin left (Hebrews 10:26). If you keep on sinning like you are, day after day, week after week, year after year, eventually you are going to die and you are going to be SHOCKED when Jesus tells you “Depart from me, wicked servant!” and casts you into everlasting darkness and suffering (Matthew 25:41). You will answer, “but didn’t I live my whole life serving you?” To which Jesus will reply, “I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and gave me nothing, I was sick and you did not help me.” (Reference Matthew 25:35-40).


If every time you committed that sin, or refused to help someone in need, someone scalded and burned you with a hot poker causing your flesh to melt off, I guarantee you that it will probably be the last time you commit that sin. The reason you sin is because you do not have enough motivation, not because you can’t.

Why don’t you have enough motivation? Because you don’t have enough faith. You don’t truly believe in Jesus, or else you would stop. You don’t really believe you are headed to hell if you don’t stop. If you did, you WOULD stop sinning.

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